National Summer Cross- country Skiing Championship 2016

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The National Summer Cross- country Skiing Championship 2016 started on September 22nd and ended on the 24th. The competitions were held in the area of Yundola and Belmeken. The race started with a 10 km mass start, uphill classical style. The last few years I focused on the ski- orienteering, and on my preparation for skiing in narrow tracks, so I decided I’m going to ski mostly pushing with my hands. I fulfilled my goals and took 4th place.
The most important start to me was the 15 km roller skiing skate style. Every competitor had to make 3 laps, each 5 km long. I had the right tactics, I did my best and I won the race. To my regret my biggest rival, and the best cross- country skier in Bulgaria- Veselin Tsinzov, broke a ski pole, during the 2nd lap and the race became much less interesting.

The last distance of the event was 5 km cross in the mountains close to Yundola. I woke up in the morning and I felt throatache. This was the reason I decided not to participate in this start.

I am content with my physical condition right now and I am looking forward for my next training camp in Ramsau, Austria.