Training camp in Ramsau am Dachstein, Avstria

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During the last 20 days my preparation took place in one of the best places for Nordic Disciplines training- Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria. This little village is located in the area of Steiermark, only 10 km away from one of the best Alpine skiing areas in Austria- Schladming. Every fall this charming village welcomes a big part of the Nordic Sports ( cross- country skiing, nordic combined and biathlon) world elite.


The reason this place is so attractive for the skiers is the Dachstein glacier ( 2700 m above sea level). The glacier holds snow all year long. The village itself also offers perfect training conditions- ski jump, specially built track for roller skiing with shooting range, several perfectly equipped gyms and a swimming pool. To me Ramsau is a very special place and this year was my 10th in a row for preparation there.


The main reason most of the athletes go there is to step on ski for first time for the season. The trainings are monotonous, with low-intensity and long duration (3-4 hours) on the glacier and short workouts with much greater intensity on the ski track , as well as in the gym.
To most of the athletes the day starts with a workout on the glacier, followed by a second one- cross, biking, roller ski and different power exercises.


To me the training camp was divided on three parts. The first- I tried to ski more with light second rehabilitation trainings. The second part, I reduced the amount of skiing to normal (1.30 to 2 hours) and tried to make more power workouts. The third- the length of my skiing trainings was reduced to 1.20 to 1.40 hours, but at the expense of second trainings with high intensity.


The training camp was beneficial and brought me satisfaction with this stage of my preparation.

National Summer Cross- country Skiing Championship 2016

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The National Summer Cross- country Skiing Championship 2016 started on September 22nd and ended on the 24th. The competitions were held in the area of Yundola and Belmeken. The race started with a 10 km mass start, uphill classical style. The last few years I focused on the ski- orienteering, and on my preparation for skiing in narrow tracks, so I decided I’m going to ski mostly pushing with my hands. I fulfilled my goals and took 4th place.
The most important start to me was the 15 km roller skiing skate style. Every competitor had to make 3 laps, each 5 km long. I had the right tactics, I did my best and I won the race. To my regret my biggest rival, and the best cross- country skier in Bulgaria- Veselin Tsinzov, broke a ski pole, during the 2nd lap and the race became much less interesting.

The last distance of the event was 5 km cross in the mountains close to Yundola. I woke up in the morning and I felt throatache. This was the reason I decided not to participate in this start.

I am content with my physical condition right now and I am looking forward for my next training camp in Ramsau, Austria.

National Mountain Bike Orienteering Championship 2016

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The Bulgarian National Mountain Bike Orienteering Championship 2016 was held on the 12th and 13th of August in the vicinity of Veliko Turnovo. The sprint distance was held in a small village called Samovodene. It is a populated area, with well-developed road network and a large selection of routes. The competition was really fast and interesting.


The long distance was held in Ksilifor, a recreation area, close to the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The racing route was challenging, testing racer’s technical skills and physical endurance. I managed to win both starts.

During the Long distance event, I had an accident. I fell and injured my chest. There was also suspected fracture of the ribs. Fortunately I just got bruised and my recovery went fast and good, as well as my preparation for the winter season.